We are an investment house and promoter of private equity projects in the Middle East and Africa with a focus on the emerging markets in the regions. The major economies in these regions have undergone substantial change and growth over the years and have mostly become strong diverse and promising to become more stable in the recent years.

We have a robust understanding of the micro economics in most of the countries who are the major players and vital relationships with the private and public sectors and governments within the regions and can offer a secure gateway to invest in these regions most interesting upcoming opportunities. We strive to partner with leaders, innovators and companies that think big, move fast and are not afraid to make decisions. We provide them with expertise and support to reach their full potential and create greater possibilities for their business and the community they operate in.

●     Creating win for all solutions
●     Honoring our agreements with integrity
●     Presenting facts and not opinions
●     100% responsibility for our actions and their circumstances and results
●     We value teamwork
●     Promotion of corporate social responsibility
●     Making sure that our projects promote goodwill in their host communities
●     Customizing service approach and team for each client



Our Strategy & Business: At Sierra Capital We seek to provide financial Solutions that enhance a corporations/projects financial capability and flexibility as per their needs while capturing the best opportunities for our investors with the highest safest returns available in the market in these forms of disciplines:
●     Project Finance
●     Credit
●     Private Equity
●     M & A
●     Business Development

C O N T A C T  U S